Siam Sindhorn Co., Ltd. unveils super-luxury condo projects “Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson”, the epitome of perfect urban living, set in central Bangkok and overlooking Lumpini Park


Siam Sindhorn is set to launch two new super-luxury condo projects titled “Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson” in July. Located in the heart of Bangkok and overlooking Lumpini Park on Sarasin Road, the Bt3,500 million midtown projects fulfil every need of sophisticated urban living with unrivalled privacy, lush greenery, modern conveniences, and world-class construction materials. The projects target homeowners who value scrupulous attention to detail and the aesthetic of urban living.

Siam Sindhorn’s unveiling of the two leasehold projects represents the most exclusive event in Bangkok’s  realty sector. “Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson” enjoy a prime location in the center of town, overlooking Lumpini Park. With outstanding design, elegance, attention to detail and concern in the environment and the surrounding communities, the new projects aim to bring urban living to new heights of perfection and upgrade Thailand’s real estate industry.

Kajohndet Sangsuban, Executive Director of Siam Sindhorn Co., Ltd. says the two leasehold projects come hot on the heels of the recent launch of the company’s luxury condo project “Sindhorn Residence”, part of a large-scale, mixed-use residential project called “Myspaceventure” set in the Langsuan area. Reflecting the company’s focus on all aspects of midtown property development for high-quality urban life, the mixed-used complex aimed to raise the standards of Thailand’s real-estate development. Set for unveiling in July, the latest condo projects – “Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson” – are located just opposite Lumpini Park in central Bangkok’s prime location as part of “Myspaceventure”, the projects are surrounded by splendid geernery totaling 14 rais. They set out to maximize quality of life and meet the demands of the discerning high-end customers who appreciate luxury lifestyles with good judgement for themselves and their loved ones.

“Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson” represent the company’s commitment to offering the best choice of urban living that is good value and able to meet expectations of homeowners who care about every minute detail of luxury living. The two projects excel in terms of location, ease of travel, and convenience. Most importantly, we want our residents to experience a new level of perfection in urban living. The new projects have every reason to bring happiness to our residents.

Due for completion next May, all units at “Sindhorn Tonson” are sold at 325,000 per square metre. “Sindhorn Lumpini” will be completed in January 2019 and units will be sold at a price of 350,000 per square metre, says Kajohndet.

“Sindhorn Lumpini” is a super-luxury condo located on Sarasin Road and Langsuan Roads and consisting of 20 units distributed over 14 floors. There are three types of rooms from 230 to 445 sq m, in size using world-class building materials. All units come with a panoramic view of Lumpini Park just across the street.  The project values homeowners’ total privacy with the use of single-loaded corridor design. Each floor has two units only. The projects offers a haven of peace and serenity with uncompromised privacy for its residents.

Units at “Sindhorn Lumpini” have a ceiling height of 3.5 meters, giving a sense of airiness.  The use of heat-resistant triple-layered glass panels helps reduce the workload of air-conditioners.

“Sindhorn Lumpini” has three types of rooms. The first room type has 2 bedrooms with the total area of 230 sq m, and one extremely wide living room with glass panels that accentuate a sense of spaciousness and airiness.

The second room type has 3 bedrooms with the total area of 230 sq m similar in size to the first type, but the living room, and the dining room are connected. The third room type is a 445 sq m penthouse suite with 4 bedrooms. The project has only two penthouse suites. Though located on the top floor, the two suites are free of common problems such as heat and water leaks thanks to the presence of a mechanical floor underneath. Every unit of “Sindhorn Lumpini” has two kitchens (kitchen and pantry),a private lift and a wine cabinet.
“Sindhorn Tonson” is a super-luxury condominium on Sarasin Road and Soi Tonson. The 17-storied project has 59 units available in three categories ranging in size from 85 to140 sq m. Each unit has a ceiling height of 3 meters. The first room type has one bedroom with the total area of 85 sq m. The second room type has two bedrooms with the total area of 105 sq m. The third type has two bedrooms with the total area of 140 sq m.

“Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson” are outstanding in every dimension, from the delightful botanical view of Lumpini Park and high-quality construction materials to the use of practical and elaborate design that homeowners can feel. The two projects celebrate the perfect quality of life thanks to the developer’ meticulous attention to detail. The luxury project uses imported white marble from the same quarry in Greece. So, homeowners can be sure that the types, colours and vein patterns of the marble used are the same.

When it comes to construction materials and components, only world-class brands are used. Homeowners can be sure that they’ll get world-class quality that perfectly matches the project’s practical purposes and elegant design. The acclaimed kitchen brands used include Arclinea and Poggenpohl, Europe’s leading kitchen-manufacturing brands known for their high-quality, durable products and innovative designs. The closets are from brands like Poliform, one of Italy’s top brands. Bathroom accessories and fittings like showers and faucets are from Germany’s 100-year-old Dornbracht and Axor-Hansgrohe known for its internationally acclaimed, award-winning luxury shower designs. The automatic sanitary wares which remain functional despite power outages, are from Japan’s world-renowned TOTO, one of the world’s leading suppliers of bathroom products. The developer opts for brands like Gaggenau and Siemens for the electronic equipment such as refrigerators and other kitchen devices. These brands stand for premium products and excellent professionalism, and their products can transform a kitchen into a plush gallery.

Besides the use of high-quality construction materials and equipment, the developer makes homeowners’ security a priority. The elevators’ sensoring devices, for example, prevent common elevator breakdowns. In the event of an earthquake, the elevators can take passengers to the nearest floor safely. The condo is a green building designed along the lines of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. So, it saves the energy and protects the environment. The building can withstand the most powerful possible earthquake in this region. The compound’s raised ground floor stands 1.2 metres above street level to reduce the risks of flooding. The units boast non-flammable walls. The structure of the condo is extremely durable and lasts a century.

Kajohndet concludes that “Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson” projects enjoy one of the most prestigious locations in central Bangkok overlooking Lumpini Park, exactly half way between Sukhumvit and Silom areas. The projects offer ease of travel during the rush hour thanks to their proximity to nearby BTS skytrain stations. The neighbourhood boasts hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants and schools. The two projects are worthy of investing with units ideal as personal property for homeowners that can be passed down to the next generation.

Both projects are now open to visitors. Unit prices start at Bt. 72 million for Sindhorn Lumpini and at Bt. 24 million for Sindhorn Tonson.

Managed and maintained by Siam Sindhorn Co., Ltd., the units at both projects are offered on a 30-year lease which is renewable for another 30 years- a total of 60 years. Homeowners can rest assured that the buildings are well maintained, being in good shape and decent for living throughout the leasing period.

All are welcome to visit the sales gallery of both projects – “Sindhorn Lumpini” and “Sindhorn Tonson – located on the second floor of Sindhorn Building  I.  

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Sindhorn Lumpini Project

Location                                  On Sarasin Road and Langsuan Roads

Size                                         One rai

Project type                             Super-luxury 14-storied condominium, all units overlooking Lumpini Park

Nearby places                          260 metres to Lumpini Park

450 metres to Wireless Road

900 metres from BTS Ratchadamri Station

1.4 kilometers to Central Chidlom and Central Embassy

No. of units                             20 units from 230-445 sq. m; ceiling height: 3.5 metres

Parking                                    42  car parking spaces

Room types                             Type 2 Bedrooms: 6 units, 230 sq. m in size

Type 3 Bedrooms: 12 units, 230 sq. m in size

Type 4 Bedrooms: penthouse suite, 2 units, 445 sq. m in size

Owner and operator                Siam Sindhorn Co., Ltd.

Building Contractor                Thai Obayashi Corp., Ltd.

Architect                                 East Architects Co., Ltd.

Interior Design                        August Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Landscape Design                   P Landscape Co., Ltd.

Earthquake Expert                  Professor Dr. Pennung Warnitchai

Address of sales office           Sindhorn Building I, 2nd floor

Tel                                           02-650-9596






Sindhorn Tonson Project


Location                                  On Sarasin Road and Langsuan Roads

Project size                              One rai and a half

Project type                             17-storied super-luxury condominium, all units overlooking Lumpini Park

Nearby places                          350 meters to Lumpini Park

190 meters to Wireless Road

1.2 kilometers from BTS Ratchadamri station

1.3 km to Central Chidlom and Central Embassy

No. of unit                              59 units, from 85-140 sq. m; ceiling height: 3 meters

Parking                                    96  car parking spaces

Room types                             Type 1 Bedroom: 40 units, 85 sq. m in size

Type 2 Bedrooms: 9 units, 105 sq. m in size

Type 2 Bedrooms: 10 units, 140 sq. m in size

Owner and operator                Siam Sindhorn Co., Ltd.

Building contractor                 Thai Obayashi Corp., Ltd.

Architect                                 East Architects Co., Ltd.

Interior decoration                  August Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Landscape architecture           P Landscape Co., Ltd.

Earthquake Expert                  Professor Dr. Pennung Warnitchai

Address of Sales Office         Sindhorn Building I, 2nd floor

Tel                                           02-650-9596